The Benefits of Screened Tenants

The Benefits of Screened Tenants

The Benefits of Professionally Screened Tenants

You’ve been there yourself, or know someone who has: after going through all the “routine” steps to qualify a tenant for a rental property, it becomes a nightmare just a few months in. Late rent payments, trashed house, additional tenants not on the lease, etc. If only there had been a way to avoid this up front. There is. Professional Tenant Placement.


Qualified tenants make happy, reliable tenants.

Silver Lakes Property Management has been screening and placing tenants in quality homes for over ten years. Our proprietary three-step process gives us a thorough understanding of the tenant, allowing us to place them in a home that meets their needs, and their financial constraints. Our additional time up front has proven its worth time and time again.

We meet personally with each potential tenant a minimum of three times to establish a sense of their personality and integrity, as well as family and personal background.

We run a credit and background check that is more comprehensive and thorough than the simple checks available to homeowners. This research also includes any previous addresses and any past registered landlord complaints. Any red flags are followed up on promptly.

Tenant-Background-CheckMost importantly, Silver Lakes Property Management doesn’t use just credit checks or a couple of references to determine the qualifications of the tenant, but also their personal background, job history and – this is key – a detailed budget. By working through a budget with them, we can assure the tenant, and any prospective rental property owner, that they will be placed in a home they can truly afford. This leads to happier tenants who treat the home as their own, minimizes surprises, and eliminates headaches for the homeowner.

Tenant Placement is just one of the services included in a property management contract with SLPM. Find Out More >>


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