Michigan Tenant Placement

Michigan Tenant Placement

Michigan Tenant Placement: Long Term Rentals

Silver Lakes Property Management takes the hassle out of owning and operating a second property, sometimes far away from home. Quality tenants, a thorough review process and service beyond the norm are what you can expect, as Jeremy and his team take care of your property as if it were their own. We work FOR the owners, and WITH the tenants, to put the right families in the right homes.

Routine maintenance? Check. Security? Check.
Reliable tenants? Triple checked.

Tenant Review Process

Our proprietary three-step interview process assures a thorough understanding of the needs and financial standing of each potential tenant. We are then able to best match those tenants with properties that meet their needs and assure property owners of a stress-free relationship with their renters.

Measurable Success

Properties currently under Silver Lakes management are filled within an average of 3-5 days after vacancy, giving property owners consistent revenue streams and peace of mind.

NOT a Middleman

Other property management companies want to handle the money, getting between property owners and tenants. At Silver Lakes Property Management, we insist that contacts and payments be between owners and renters, as our management fees are separate. This eliminates cost overhead for owners, makes for clearer lease agreements, reduced legal headaches and increases flexibility for all parties.

Michigan Tenant Placement Fees

There are no placement fees paid by tenants. All Silver Lakes Property Management fees are paid by property owners.

Property management fees for long-term rentals are paid one of two ways:
One month’s rent ($350 minimum) one-time charge for property booking
10% monthly fee for ongoing property management

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